VIDEO: Slowly Sideways – keeping historic cars on the move

An avid motorsport fan, I drove up with the excellent Ephraim Lewis (and his camera) to Builth Wells on Saturday 4 June to find out more about November’s Wales Rally GB route.

I met the legendary Welsh World Champion co-driver Phil Mills at the event, as well as up-and-coming rally drivers Sara Williams and Elfyn Evans.

Phil was there to talk about the new north-to-south route for the rally, which this year will start in Llandudno, North Wales, before drivers race their way through stages down through Powys to finish in Cardiff.

Slowly Sideways aims to keep vintage racing and rally cars moving – rather than have them gathering dust in museums

Ever the pint-size adventurer, I also took a spin in an 81 Ford Escort with Alan Watkins from Slowly Sideways. Having never been in a car with a roll-cage, let alone one with quite that much power in it, it was certainly an experience.

Whizzing about the track – drifting here there and everywhere in the sweltering heat – was not anywhere near as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be.

But as Alan said: the idea isn’t too go fast, but to make the cars drift, showing the general public how these vintage vehicles would have looked on a rally track in their heyday.

What can I say – I was certainly sold on the idea.