Formula One drivers take over Cardiff Bay

Yesterday afternoon saw an influx of high octane sports to Cardiff Bay as the first ever RedBull Speed Jam rolled into town.

Despite a mix-up over whether he was in England or Wales Ozzie Mark Webber was greeted with a cheer by the Cardiff Bay audience

Flying aces Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones kicked off the event when they took to the skies for an awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics show.

Formula One drivers Mark Webber and Daniel Riccardo put a RedBull F1 show car and Redbull Toyota NASCAR – a UK first – through their paces in the Oval Basin.

Bike stunt master Chris Pfeiffer was also on hand to wow the crowd at the event hosted by F1 commentator Jake Humphrey.

Around 4000 people were at the free ticketed event which was held under the shadow of the Wales Millennium Centre and the Senedd. Organizers estimate that around 15000 additional people were in the city for the first ever Speed Jam.

The event also saw some of the best amateur go-karters in the UK competing in the final leg of the Kart Fight competition.

Karters and display drivers sped their way along Lloyd George Avenue and through the streets of Butetown before returning to Roald Dahl Plas in the “Monaco style” circuit.

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Photo set courtesy of David Lutwyche

There was disappointment for local boy Carwyn Bowen from Cardiff who was caught up behind a crash on the tight street circuit early in the competition.

Changeable weather made for challenging conditions for the drivers with a close final seeing Bradley Philpot crowned UK Kart Fight champion.

Watch some of the highlights of the day (including NASCAR and F1 Car doughnuts in the Oval Basin) in our Vimeo clip compilation below:

Highlights from RedBull Speed Jam Sept 03 2011.