Salt dough salmon

Many thanks to the Cardiff Castle Garrison and my parents for all their help with this experiment.

Full post online at the Cardiff Castle Garrison blog.

Cardiff Castle Garrison

It was my pleasure to cook for the group on the Sunday at our recent show at Chepstow castle. I decided to boldly try something I’d never done before. Salmon baked in salt dough. It’s a simple dish, but not without its difficulties. Here’s what I did.

At home, I made up a batch of salt dough. There are numerous recipes on the internet – all very simple. You need around a kilo of flour, 700g of salt a couple of cups of vegetable oil (or you could use melted butter) and a few cups of water. You then have to knead, knead and knead it until it’s very stretchy (this will take a while!). I made two batches using this recipe.

I then took a whole (gutted and filleted) salmon and stuffed it full of herbs (dill, bay, parsley) and lemons (a bit posh for the dish in our…

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