I have been remiss and neglected you all. Be assured I have many recipes, photos, articles, and snippets of news to share with you currently stowed away on my hard drive.

To give a quick flavour:

  • I graduated (officially – there’s photos in a silly hat and everything)
  • In July 2015 I visited Menorca with Helen (there are many pictures – including rude ancient monuments)
  • In September 2015 I visited Oman (there are and will be pictures eager readers)
  • I have experimented with many different recipes in the kitchen, and in Medieval garb (coming soon!)
  • There has been politics
  • There has been freelancing
  • There has been exercise (a triathlon – no biggie, and now I’m learning how to lift)
  • There is a new job – with the excellent folks of Finance Wales in their Cardiff HQ
  • Oh, and recently I gave an interview to BBC Wales about primary mental health care in Wales
  • And then there’s Poppy…. for those not following my social media feeds, Poppy is a rather fabulous seven-and-a-bit month old cocker spaniel puppy. She lives with Jim and I in north Cardiff and we think she rocks – even if she does like to wake me with a puppy face every morning.
Poppy - six months

Poppy puppy in the sunshine, age six-months