PHOTOS: I was young once!

This week was GCSE results day. Which led to a little bit of mathematics – a dangerous occupation I know. There were some students (providing they were born in the last week of August in 2000) who collected their results this week who were not born when I collected my GCSE results.

That’s terrifying!

So I thought I’d prove I was indeed young once. Here’s a couple of school photos from the ‘olden days’ that’s the 1990s for you bright young Millennial types.

My father said I wasn’t tall enough to go to big school at 11. He was probably right, I was only 4ft1.

When I moved from Llanishen High to Cardiff High at 13 I clearly also switched houses from Slytherin to Gryffindor. Life is full of accidental Potterisms at times!

If anyone is curious about my GCSEs, I had:

  • AA in Double Award Science
  • B in Maths
  • A in English Literature
  • A in English Language
  • B in French
  • B in Art
  • B in Graphic Design
  • A in History
  • A in Geography