Short review: Stan and Ollie

Yesterday was a lovely lazy Sunday. To complete our chilled weekend, Jim and I wanted a pretty heart-warming film. We found it in Stan and Ollie (currently available on Amazon Prime, included with Prime).

Stan and Ollie follows the last tour of comedy duo (Stan) Laurel and (Oliver) Hardy in the UK and Ireland.

The movie had the feel of a BBC/ Film 4 collaboration mashed with an Ealing Comedy. It was well written, beautifully directed. The acting was superb. Steve Cogan (famous as the man behind Alan Partridge) offers a gentle and touching homage to Stan Laurel, with John Reilly bouncing off him beautifully as Oliver (Babe) Hardy.

A lovely story about friendship and getting older. I got a kick out of hearing their theme tune too. Made me think of wet weekends and BBC matinees.

Jayne happy tear factor? 10/10