A pig sonnet

This is not very good. Thought up rather quickly in response to some amusing tweets from @theMERL 

But, it’s the first poem, let alone sonnet, I have written in a very long time!


A pig sonnet

You can eat all of a pig but his squeak
From trotters to tail is delicious meat.
Because of this their future can be bleak,
As sizzling sausages leave us replete.

Gloucester Old spot makes fine bacon and ham,
Likewise Tamworth, as well as tasty roasts.
Juicy cuts can be nice, with chilli jam.
Pork of any kind goes well with a toast.

Get your oven super-hot for crackling.
Cut and peel and boil apples for your sauce.
Add roast potatoes, a Sunday lunch king
Gather round the table, laugh until hoarse.

Whilst bacon is a twelfth century treat
We should go easy on how much we eat