Eulogy for Uncle Keith

Earlier this year my Uncle Keith sadly passed away. I wrote a eulogy for his funeral. Sadly my husband, son and I had to self isolate due the Covid 19 pandemic (a post about pandemics and lockdowns may or may not materialise at some point).

The celebrant at the service kindly read it for me. Here it is. Remembering him with love.

My Uncle Keith 

Jayne Richmond, his niece.

My Uncle Keith was a funny man.

My Uncle Keith had lots of adventures.

My Uncle Keith told great tall stories too.

My Uncle Keith travelled far and wide.

My Uncle Keith bombed around Mid Wales in a rally car.

My Uncle Keith painted. Even when his hands were giving out.

My Uncle Keith saved baby turtles on a Middle Eastern beach.

My Uncle Keith kept chickens, grew rhubarb, and lettuce, and had a hydroponic green house.

My Uncle Keith loved dogs, especially his old friend Bess.

I heard he passed away many thousands of miles away. On a playing field in the Bangkok sunshine.

My Uncle Keith was 69, funny, kind and the thought he would no longer be around brought instant hot tears to my eyes.

My Uncle Keith was a great dad, raising an amazing daughter – my cousin Emma – who is just one of the best people you could ever meet. She has a sense of adventure and a heart full to bursting to rival anyone’s. She’s also had more than her fair share of heart break as just two years ago, her mum and my Aunty Wendy passed away after a short battle with cancer. It’s not fair, I only hope that she feels the love they gave wrapped around her every day. Emma, I don’t think a day went by when he wasn’t proud of you and all that you have achieved. He loved that you shared his passion for travel and adventure. 

My Uncle Keith was a typical teasing, loving, mischievous older brother to my mum. His younger big sister. His Titch.

He was Keith 1 or Keith 2 depending on if he was talking, or his brother-in-law – my dad.

And he was my Uncle Keith. And I miss him. I wish he were still here. I want to talk gardens, and travel, and VW camper vans again. I wish we didn’t have to ever say goodbye to the people we love.

I wish this were not your eulogy. I wish I were not saying was, or had. I hate that you are in the past. 

But for all that, I’m glad for the time we had together. I’m glad for the stories still ringing round my head in your voice. I’m glad that I can still see your smile, and that look of mischief in your eyes when I close mine. You’d be pleased to hear the rhubarb you gave me when last we met is thriving. And your great nephew has inherited the Allen cheeky grin. And your titchy sister has really taken to chicken-rearing. 

Uncle Keith. You were wonderful. I love you. Please rest in peace.