VE day 2020

I remember the 50th anniversary celebrations for VE day. There was a big concert and picnic in Bute Park. Lots of singing. Surrounded by veterans from WWII. We’d been studying the war in primary school (I was in year 6) up to the events. I remember a conductor/ choir master? I’m not sure, he was with the WNO saying I had a lovely, happy voice when singing (very loudly). It was a lovely day and I appreciated the complement. I’d been singing very enthusastically ‘We’ll meet again’ with a group of lovely WRVS ladies.

So much has changed since then. Such a contrast from 25 years ago. Much has been forgotten as people who fought and remember the second world war pass away, but much I hope is still remembered.

Fighting tyranny and fascism is still as important today as it was then.

Caring about your community and finding ways to work together in times of hardship is still as important as it was then.

And when everything is over, picnics in the park and music and being with friends and families will be as important as ever.