Lockdown TV viewing

What has everyone else been watching during lockdown?

My non-CBeebies lockdown hits.

All Rise – legal drama following Judge Lola Carmichael. Clever and aspirational. It’s a contemporary show meeting the hole left in my life when Madam Secretary finished..

One Tree Hill – never watched it in the early 2000s. All the teen angst. Dan is evil. And somehow I’m nearly at the end of season two already. The soundtrack and musical guests are great.

The Newsroom – though it does leave me pining for a busy newsdesk and a breaking news story after each episode. Aaron Sorkin creation – so beautifully scripted. Plus an unnervingly young looking Dev Patel.

Keeping up with Brooklyn 99 and Blue Bloods. A bit behind on Sewing Bee. Listening to lots of BBC Radio 6.

If you haven’t yet seen them, then I like these:

Life in Pieces on Amazon is a great sitcom. Short sketches in each episode show the trials and tribulations of one American family.

Picard. No, it’s not TNG. But it is good. I suspect many fellow DS9 fans will approve. Some great new characters and cameos from old favourites. Feels like a pre-Reboot Trek movie over a few episodes.

New Amsterdam. Medical drama based atound Belle Vue hospital in New York (a rare public hospital). Emotional rollercoaster. Have hankies at the ready.

If you haven’t watched the Good Place or Brooklyn 99. Do.