Fake it till you make it – harvest at the allotment

I’ll preface this by saying we’re actually really pleased with everything we’ve been able to grow this year. Also the lessons we’ve learned – like, why you need to net broccoli and cabbages if you don’t want them eaten by cabbage white caterpillars.

We have a couple (unexpected) apples growing and one, reasonably substantial pumpkin. It has grown big enough to fend off the slugs that eat its smaller, softer kin.

We’ve had dozens of strawberries, potatoes, a never ending supply of courgettes/ marrows, rhubarb (I promise a later post on our rhubarb gin efforts) and a great crop of late raspberries.

Today, we thought it would be fun to try and get a few harvest pictures with the boy. With only a few things still out – I bought a few extra pumpkin and used some treefallen apples from my parents as additional props to help bulk out the harvest feel. Maybe next year, when we enact some of the lessons we’ve learnt from this year of growing things we’ll not need to fake it!