Monthly Archive: January, 2021

Week 4 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84.2 Kg (like, seriously!?)SIZE: (still) a UK 16 STEP COUNT: Top days fairly similar at just shy of 12,000 steps (Weds and Fri). All days over 8,500. But most days slightly sub… Continue reading

21830 steps

A nice strong finish to Saturday.

Week 3 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84.2 kilosSIZE: UK 16 STEPCOUNT: A much less active week this week, but with good reason. On Thursday I had a colonoscopy (looks good apparently, no concerns) which meant that on Monday… Continue reading

Send your child’s name to Mars

If your kids are as obsessed with space as Henry is, this is quite a fun engagement idea from Nasa. We filled this in a little while ag, but you can add your… Continue reading

Week 2 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 83.5kg (slightly down on last week) DRESS SIZE: (still) a UK 16 STEP COUNT: Every day above 8,000 steps. I managed over 17,000 steps on Monday. And had two days with over… Continue reading

Week 1 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84kg (for reasons!) DRESS SIZE: Still UK 16 EXERCISE: This has been much better than anticipated. I’ve managed two short runs (under 1.5km) and a lot of walking. Best day step count… Continue reading

Croseo 2021 – Jayne fitness mission

The tortoise beats the hare. Slowly regaining fitness.