Croseo 2021 – Jayne fitness mission

It has been six weeks since my gallbladder was removed. I’m now all clear to resume proper exercise, right in the middle of a lockdown. Oh well. On top of this my ankle isn’t still 100% after fracturing it six months ago.

I’ve decided to incrementally increase my step-count target. Slow and steady wins the race, they say.

Post op, my target was 4,000 steps a day.  That target is now 6,000. On 7 January, that target will increase to 8,000 and a week later, 10,000.

I’m also including weekly weight updates *shudder* for my own personal accountability. Figures will be posted one day after they were taken along with step-count and other exercise updates – which may be more frequent. With that in mind, let’s look at our day one stats:

1 January 2021

HEIGHT: 158cm


WEIGHT: 83.7kg

STEP COUNT (according to Google Fit): 9,053 steps.

HEART POINTS (according to Google Fit): 54 (included two fairly vigorous dog walks. I did manage to slip in the mud too)