Week 3 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84.2 kilos

STEPCOUNT: A much less active week this week, but with good reason. On Thursday I had a colonoscopy (looks good apparently, no concerns) which meant that on Monday morning I had to have a Covid 19 test (negative) and stay indoors until after my procedure. This obviously made for a lot fewer steps and less than impressed Poppy dog.

I managed over 8,000 steps last Sunday, over 11,000 on Monday but only between 4,500 and 5,500 Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday (procedure day) I managed under 4,000. But I finished Friday with a flourish and 13,881 steps. It’s not yet 9:30am today and I’ve been for two runs and over 5,000 steps already. I’m optimistic for a good result today.

Overall, except for my fitness and feeling better I’ve not seen any size of scale changes. But I do look a little slimmer around my face. I know from past experience it usually take a month or two for me to see the result of my fitness/ diet efforts so I’m trying not to lose heart and holding onto the positives.