Week 4 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84.2 Kg (like, seriously!?)
SIZE: (still) a UK 16

STEP COUNT: Top days fairly similar at just shy of 12,000 steps (Weds and Fri). All days over 8,500. But most days slightly sub 10,000 steps.

Honestly, feeling pretty demotivated. I’m not seeing any changes and I feel like I’ve mentally hit a wall with lockdown and my weight/ size. Not a great week, but I guess it could be worse? I have had the odd treat (popcorn for a weekend movie night, an oat milk mocha whilst out for a walk to break up the week). Probably hasn’t helped, but dear dog did I need it mentally. Have sleeping pills from the GP, which has helped with sleep (over 8 hours when I take them, as opposed to just over 6 when I don’t).

Not terribly motivational, I know. Hoping that something shifts soon. Trying to balance the next move, which is likely a brutal cut in calories with emotional well-being. Like so many, I associate nice food with positive experiences. Which is fine in moderation, but even in moderation does seem to thwart my weight loss goals.

Positive vibes welcome.