Belated Week 5 – Jayne fitness mission

Sorry, was pretty busy/ hitting a mental fog with lockdown on the weekend. Stats below.

WEIGHT: 84.5kg

DRESS SIZE: UK 16 (you know the drill right). But I would say it’s a much less snug fit. I now have to use the tightest setting on my bras, which indicates some size difference.

STEPCOUNT: Runs and walks over 86,000 for the whole week. Managed two short runs (one socially distanced with Paula, one with Jim). My stamina for the distance (2.2km and 3.5km ish respectively) seems to be improving. Hoping to do some more, though my ankle has been sore and the right calf keeps getting bad cramp (I suspect I’m favouring one leg because of my sore left ankle).

Going to try cutting the calories further in the coming weeks to see if that has more of an impact on size/ weight.