Week 8 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84.2kg (ergh, seriously, yeah I know)

SIZE: UK 16 (still, but squarely now. Even smaller 16s/ the odd 14-16 fit again. Which is baffling since the scales seem steadfastly against me)

STEPCOUNT: Much quieter week this week. Racked up over 75,000 steps (25,000 in one day!) Worst week of Feb. But the worst week of Feb, is still around 7,000 steps better than the worst week in Jan. This week the fitness mission has been slightly scuppered by the introduction of a lurgie from the toddler. Not Covid (we were tested, and negative. Though obviously self isolation whilst waiting for the test results does limit the stepcount a bit!). So lots of rest, lemsip and generally feeling a bit grotty whilst WFH. The toddling one was fine after 24 hours (off course!). I did manage to ace the 150 active zone minutes challenge from Fitbit this week (managed over 300 active zone minutes – that’s cardio/ fat burn apparently. Basically, getting a bit sweaty). Though, because I felt a bit rotten this week I did indulge in some not exactly healthy (or sub 1200 calories) meals/ snacks. But when your throat hurts, ice cream is nice dammit.

Hopefully this next week will be better and we’ll finally see a proper downwards trend. Slightly frustrated by how slow going this, and how a couple of poor meal decisions can immediately undo what little progress I feel I’ve made with the scale. But ho hum, is what it is. Maybe by the end of March the scale will be my friend?