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There’s a selection of my articles for various outlets below:

#1 Is journalism more dangerous for women?

Beautiful, dangerous, exciting – this is the picture Liz Perkins, defence correspondent for the South Wales Evening Post, paints of Afghanistan – a country she has visited as an embedded reporter five times. While she loves her job, working as a war correspondent is not without danger – more so, Liz believes, if you’re a woman. “You do feel like it’s different for a woman to a man,” she says “As a woman there is a bigger risk.”

#2 Who were the Vestal Virgins?

For more than 1,000 years Rome’s Vestal Virgins, a group of six hand-picked women, held unparalleled positions of status as some of the city’s most senior religious leaders. They had rank and a level of self-government denied to normal women and as priestesses of Vesta they were responsible for maintaining the soul of Rome. But their power and status came at a cost.

#3 Did the Romans invent Christmas?

“Io Saturnalia!” Two thousand years ago this was the seasonal greeting which would have chimed out across most of Europe, not “Merry Christmas”. The Roman mid-winter festival of misrule has heavily influenced many Christmas traditions – including the time of year we celebrate.

#4 Fifth of couples unhappy with wedding day services

Newlyweds could be losing out on thousands of pounds as they choose not to complain about poor wedding services, a new Which? survey has found. Nearly one in five people married in the last five years were dissatisfied with at least one of the services at their wedding – but most did nothing about it.

#5  No gas for three weeks, no problem…

Gas. It’s an underrated three-letter word that perhaps I’d overlooked. That is until I was told my gas was going to be turned off for the next fortnight. I’ve been offered compensation, but is it enough?

#6 Britain’s Roswell: Berwyn Mountain incident files published online

A file which details the investigation behind a 1974 mass UFO sighting in Wales has gone online for the first time today. Detailing reports and numerous inquiries from ufologists, the Berwyn Mountain file is one of the highlights of the National Archive’s latest digital offering. Described as ‘Britain’s Roswell’, the Berwyn Mountain incident of 1974 inspired decades of UFO hunters and numerous conspiracy theorists to speculate that intelligent life was out there – and it had, perhaps, crash landed on a mountain in north Wales.

#7  Why are there seven days in the week?

A week made up of seven days is part of our modern global culture, but its origins date back to ancient civilization. The Greeks gave us democracy, the Romans bridges and roads but it is probably from the ancient Babylonians that we get the seven-day week.

#8 Women bishops; a century of struggle

The rejection of women bishops by the general synod of the Church of England is the latest twist in a long story going back a century to the time of the suffragettes. In 1920, no fewer than nine motions concerning “The Position of Women in the Councils and Ministrations of the Church” came before the Lambeth conference, the international gathering of Anglican leaders. “The time has come…” opens one of the resolutions in the Lambeth conference archive, reflecting the on-going campaign of the suffragettes to gain equal rights for women including the vote.

#9 Latvala wins Wales Rally GB for Ford

Jari-Matti Latvala has won this year’s Wales Rally GB after a tense competition which saw many of the favourite drivers, including last year’s winner and eight-times World Champion Sebastien Loeb and Latvala’s team mate Mikko Hirvonen, forced to retire. The Finn’s win sees the Ford team take the trophy for the first time in ten years.

#10 Health board proposes closure of Wales oldest psychiatric hospital

A health board has proposed closing Wales oldest psychiatric hospital as part of a shake up of mental health services in the area. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board want to move all inpatient psychiatric care to a unit in Llandough closing the current facility at Whitchurch Hospital in Cardiff. Health officials say they have decided to invest in more community based care, following a “recovery model” instead of investing in a new building at the site