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Week 2 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 83.5kg (slightly down on last week) DRESS SIZE: (still) a UK 16 STEP COUNT: Every day above 8,000 steps. I managed over 17,000 steps on Monday. And had two days with over… Continue reading

Week 1 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84kg (for reasons!) DRESS SIZE: Still UK 16 EXERCISE: This has been much better than anticipated. I’ve managed two short runs (under 1.5km) and a lot of walking. Best day step count… Continue reading

Croseo 2021 – Jayne fitness mission

The tortoise beats the hare. Slowly regaining fitness.

2020 some quick Richmond stats

Global pandemics – 1 Lockdowns – 3 Countries – 2 (Thailand – pre-pandemic – and the UK) Holidays – 2 (Thailand, Cornwall) Deaths – 1 (my lovely Uncle Keith) Births – 1 (a… Continue reading

Gallbladder gone

My gallbladder has gone and I feel great.

Fake it till you make it – harvest at the allotment

I’ll preface this by saying we’re actually really pleased with everything we’ve been able to grow this year. Also the lessons we’ve learned – like, why you need to net broccoli and cabbages… Continue reading

Quick review. Outdoor adventures – Fonmon Castle

Paid entry venue: Fonmon Castle. Last Monday we went to Fonmon Castle. You have to book a time a day before arriving. But we had a good time. This is a pay for… Continue reading

And all the green things grew

It’s been a while since I updated on our allotment progress. It’s been both wet and warm lately, which seems to have rather favoured the potatoes. We’ve been eating fresh strawberries when we… Continue reading

Lockdown TV viewing

What has everyone else been watching during lockdown? My non-CBeebies lockdown hits. All Rise – legal drama following Judge Lola Carmichael. Clever and aspirational. It’s a contemporary show meeting the hole left in… Continue reading

VE day 2020

I remember the 50th anniversary celebrations for VE day. There was a big concert and picnic in Bute Park. Lots of singing. Surrounded by veterans from WWII. We’d been studying the war in… Continue reading