Category Archive: Photography

PHOTOS: Dubrovnik

A few pictures from Dubrovnik in Croatia (known by many as Kings Landing in Game of Thrones).

PHOTOS: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Some pictures from Sarajevo and Mostar.  

PHOTOS: Natural History Museum

Dinosaurs and pretty rocks!

PHOTOS: Caerphilly Castle

Just a few pictures on a rainy December day.

PHOTOS: The Tower of London

During my last week in the big city I visited the Tower, here’s just a handful of pictures from a rather spectacular afternoon.

PHOTOS: Kew Gardens

Some pictures from today’s trip to Kew Gardens and Kew Palace. Really beautiful parkland and gardens.

Photos: London town

Just a few pictures from my wanderings around London.

PHOTOS: Chelsea flower show

Just some pictures from Mum and I’s trip to Chelsea flower show.

PHOTOS: Manchester street market

Pictures from the street market at Picadilly Gardens in Manchester

PHOTOS: Spring has sprung…

… And to celebrate I’ve just uploaded some spring-type pictures onto my Flickr account.