Week 2 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 83.5kg (slightly down on last week) DRESS SIZE: (still) a UK 16 STEP COUNT: Every day above 8,000 steps. I managed over 17,000 steps on Monday. And had two days with over… Continue reading

Week 1 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84kg (for reasons!) DRESS SIZE: Still UK 16 EXERCISE: This has been much better than anticipated. I’ve managed two short runs (under 1.5km) and a lot of walking. Best day step count… Continue reading

Croseo 2021 – Jayne fitness mission

The tortoise beats the hare. Slowly regaining fitness.

2020 some quick Richmond stats

Global pandemics – 1 Lockdowns – 3 Countries – 2 (Thailand – pre-pandemic – and the UK) Holidays – 2 (Thailand, Cornwall) Deaths – 1 (my lovely Uncle Keith) Births – 1 (a… Continue reading

Gallbladder gone

My gallbladder has gone and I feel great.

Fake it till you make it – harvest at the allotment

I’ll preface this by saying we’re actually really pleased with everything we’ve been able to grow this year. Also the lessons we’ve learned – like, why you need to net broccoli and cabbages… Continue reading

Quick review. Outdoor adventures – Fonmon Castle

Paid entry venue: Fonmon Castle. Last Monday we went to Fonmon Castle. You have to book a time a day before arriving. But we had a good time. This is a pay for… Continue reading

And all the green things grew

It’s been a while since I updated on our allotment progress. It’s been both wet and warm lately, which seems to have rather favoured the potatoes. We’ve been eating fresh strawberries when we… Continue reading

PHOTOS: Cefn Onn wanderings

A few shots of the family with my trusty Canon 600D in Cefn Onn Park, Lisvane.

PHOTOS: Bangkok 2020

A few pictures from our family holiday to Thailand in February this year. These are from a few days n Bangkok, catching up with friends, playing ultimate frisbee and exploring.