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Week 8 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 84.2kg (ergh, seriously, yeah I know) SIZE: UK 16 (still, but squarely now. Even smaller 16s/ the odd 14-16 fit again. Which is baffling since the scales seem steadfastly against me) STEPCOUNT:… Continue reading

Week 7 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 83.5Kg – for a week that included Pancake Day, I’m rather pleased to only see a 0.2Kg rise on last weekSIZE: UK 16 STEP COUNT: I have the rest of today and… Continue reading

Week 6 – Jayne fitness mission

WEIGHT: 83.2Kg (at last, a nudge down) DRESS SIZE: UK 16 STEPCOUNT: All days over 10,000 steps. Nice solid 17,500 and change steps today.

Belated Week 5 – Jayne fitness mission

Sorry, was pretty busy/ hitting a mental fog with lockdown on the weekend. Stats below. WEIGHT: 84.5kg DRESS SIZE: UK 16 (you know the drill right). But I would say it’s a much… Continue reading