[Redacted], [redacted], [redacted]

As many of my readership already know, I’m a bit of a politics geek. Okay ‘bit’ may be an understatement, I love politics – it fascinates me. As many may be aware, there’s been rather a lot of dramatic change in the UK political sphere recently. However due to a new role I am going to be fairly careful about commenting in too much detail. If I [redact] a comment, I’ll leave what I may or may not have said to your imagination.

However, to give a little clarity about where I sit at the moment I think it important to disclose that in September 2015 I was elected to Chair the European Movement Council of Wales. I helped set-up and co-ordinate pro-EU and pro-European events and groups in the run up to June’s referendum.

I was born a European, I will live my life and eventually die a European.

No matter the outcome of the vote [redacted], [redacted], [redacted]. No matter the eventual outcome of Brexit and Article 50 negotiations. That fact will never change.

No matter what [redacted], or [redacted]. [Redacted] can kiss my [redacted], [redacted], [redacted].

Are we clear? Good!

I will leave my specific views on unfolding issues to personal conversations and offline debates.

I will however be writing some more, slightly nerdy blogs about how various political and legislative systems work. In my view political education is essential for democracy. It is sadly often neglected.

If you are curious about any areas of politics (from constitutional to legislative) and would like me to write about them, please comment below. I will not be giving any opinions as to preferred systems – I will be writing from an impartial and objective standpoint.